Volunteer at TCM

Volunteers are the backbone of our programs. We believe that all people have been given gifts and talents. We want to use these God-given gifts and talents and put you in a place that is fulfilling to both you and TCM. There are many opportunities to volunteer at TCM, check out the job descriptions below.

If you are interested in volunteering at TCM, please fill out the form below and we will send you more information. For those who are under the age of 18, please contact us for more information on volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunties

BOLD = urgent need

Flemingdon Park

TuesKIC3:30 - 5:30pm1 opportunity
EPIC5:45 - 7:00pm1 opportunity
WedKIC3:30 - 6:00pm1 opportunity


MonKIC3:30 - 6:00pm1 opportunity
EPIC6:30 - 8:30pm1 opportunity
TuesKIC3:30 - 6:30pm1 opportunity
WedKIC3:00 - 6:30pm1 opportunity

Role Model Moms (Victoria Village & Jane-Finch)

Please contact us directly for volunteer opportunities with Role Model Moms.

St. James Town

MonKIC3:00 - 5:00pm5 opportunities
YX6:30 - 8:00pm2 females
TuesKIC3:00 - 5:00pm5 opportunities
EPIC4:00 - 5:30pm3 opportunities
WedKIC3:00 - 5:00pm5 opportunities
ThursKIC3:00 - 5:00pm5 opportunities
EPIC6:30 - 8:00 PM1 opportunity


WedKIC4:00 - 5:30pm1 opportunity
ThursKIC4:00 - 5:30pm1 opportunitty

Volunteer Job Descriptions

+ Kids in Community (KIC)

Summary: The purpose of Kids in Community (KIC) is to create a safe after-school environment for children. Develop relationships with the children and to build them up emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Teach the children Biblical principles and life skills.

Primary Duties

  • Help set up the room and prepare activities.
  • Participate in the activities (praise & worship, Bible lessons, tutoring, games, sports, cooking etc.)
  • Some volunteers may choose to help lead activities (such as Bible, arts and crafts, games, homework, etc).
  • Build healthy relationships with children and stay for debriefing at the end of each session.
  • Model and teach a Christ-centred life.


  • 14 years old or older.
  • Enjoy working with children in grades 1-6.
  • An enthusiastic attitude towards activities and a desire to be a positive role model.

+ Education Provided in Community (EPIC)

Summary: Addressing the academic poverty in the lives of these children impacted by poverty is a priority if they are to rise above, break cycles of poverty and undergo transformation.

Primary Duties

  • Assist a child/youth impacted by poverty in developing their full potential. This will be done by assisting briefly with homework as well as going through specific exercises to improve the areas of math, reading, and writing.
  • As a tutor, you will be expected to attend your tutoring session every week or inform the Tutoring Outreach Worker or your tutor partner of your absence at least 24 hours beforehand.
  • Keep a portfolio of your student’s work and to be prepared with educational activities or worksheets if you’re your child comes with no homework.
  • Be excited to work with your student and to pray for him/her on a regular basis.
  • Be intentional about building a positive relationship with child/youth.
  • Model and teach a Christ-centred life.


  • 16 years old or older.
  • Willing heart to love a kid and the ability to be patient as the child develops their skills.
  • Basic comprehension of elementary math, reading and writing.

+ junior & youth extreme (JX & YX)

Summary: Junior Extreme (grades 7-8) focuses on smaller groups of youth to develop stronger and deeper levels of trust and relationship. Youth Extreme is geared for students in (grade 9-12). After a short devotion/discussion from one of the leaders, students have the option of playing sports (basketball) in the gym, doing homework, or socialzing with friends.

Primary Duties

  • 18 years old or older.
  • Volunteers may be involved with a variety of activities including helping with homework, playing basketball, talking with them informally.
  • Some volunteers may choose to help lead activities (such as Bible time, small group etc.)
  • Build healthy relationship with youth.
  • Stay for debriefing at the end of each session.
  • Model and teach a Christ-centred life.


  • Willing heart to love a kid and the ability to be patient as the child develops their skills.
  • Be a good role model for the youth.

+ Role Model Moms (RMM)

Summary: The Role Model Moms program equips moms, who are at least 18 years old and have not completed their high school education, with the academic knowledge, confidence, and life skills necessary to successfully pass the high school equivalency exam regulated by the government of Ontario. It is our hope that by attaining a high school equivalency diploma, moms will have improved opportunities of employment that will better meet their family’s needs. The program is also designed to develop the confidence of each participant as well as their life skills (for example: time management, daily disciplines, and communication) through coaching and support. Increased capacity in these areas would translate into increased capabilities to negotiate the demands of raising a family.

Primary Duties

  • Show up on time, if not able to make it call the mom you are tutoring ahead of time.
  • Report on progress to GED teacher.
  • Model and teach a Christ-centred life.


  • 18 years old or older.
  • Good understanding of High School level reading, writing, or math.
  • Ability to meet one-on-one and have the patience to explain the material.
  • There are opportunity to discuss other qualifications that could benefit program participants (i.e. cooking a meal once a week, administration, ESL training, resume training, college/workforce prep, stress relieving techniques, etc.)

Volunteer Form

Thank you for applying. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all our program participants and volunteers. Once your volunteer request has been received and reviewed we will send you more information on finalizing the application. You will be asked to: