Empower Youth. Transform Lives.

It is our vision to see youth who are impacted by poverty lead transformed lives.  We strive to proactively empower youth, giving them skills and experiences for a successful transition into adulthood.

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The first step towards transformed lives for the youth of Toronto is to empower them with love.  At Toronto City Mission, we build loving relationships with children and youth.  We create an environment where they will know they are valued and cared for. It’s our hope that this will prevent them from searching for love and belonging in the wrong places, such as gangs.

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The positive influence of loving relationships brings hope to youth impacted by poverty.  With enough encouragement and support, they will be able to see a hope for their futures as they discover the potential within themselves to overcome academic, financial, and life challenges.  When they have hope for a bright future, they will be driven to reach their potential.

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Leading a transformed life begins with feeling loved and knowing the hope found only in Jesus Christ.  As youth envision achievable dreams and goals, we equip them to make wise decisions about school, friends, relationships, work, and the future.  Our programs open doors for them to take on leadership roles and get involved within their community.

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When we empower youth, we transform lives.  We can leave our impact on them, helping them grow and lead the next generation with love and hope.

    Photographs by Michael Gozum Photography.

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