Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are you a registered charity?

Yes. Our charity number is 108114158 RR0001. We are certified by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC)

+ Do you issue tax receipts for monetary and gifts-in-kind donations?

Yes. Monetary gifts over $20 in one calendar year will be given a tax receipt by February of the following year. In-kind-donations with a valid receipt will be issued a tax receipt.

+ Are you affiliated with a church?

We have partnerships with many churches and organizations in Toronto, however, we are a non-denominational Christian charity. Read more about our partners.

+ Are you affiliated with other missions in Toronto?

We are not affiliated with other Toronto missions, but work in collaboration sharing such things as plans, vision, challenges, and training resources. We are mindful of our stewardship responsibilities and that we're all part of the same purpose. If you would like to collaborate with TCM, please get in touch with us.

+ Do you provide relief services?

No, we do not provide relief items or services such as clothing or food. We focus on building relationships to bring hope to children and families impacted by poverty in Toronto. Here are a few organizations in Toronto who may help with relief:
Yonge Street Mission
Scott Mission
Salvation Army Toronto
Daily Bread

+ Do you need volunteers?

Yes!! We need volunteers to help with programs, events, and administration. Check out our volunteering opportunties here.

+ How can my church or small group get involved?

There are many ways for groups to get involved. Have a third party event, volunteer together at Sonshine Day Camp as a missions team , attend one of our upcoming events, or create a SpikeBack team. Groups that can regularly volunteer can get involved in our snack program. Please contact us for more information.

If you have further questions, please contact us.