Jane - Finch


The Jane-Finch community is a living, breathing example of a community functioning with the characteristics noted in the Poverty by Postal Code report. This community is the most diverse in the city being comprised of 120 different nationalities and over 100 different languages. It boasts the largest populations of youth, sole-support families, low-income earners, and public housing tenants of all other communities in the city of Toronto. The 2001 census report indicated that 30% of families were headed by single parents, significantly higher than the city average. The disproportionately high incidence of single parent families and youth populations of this community appear to have a compounding effect, where lone parents, the majority of which are single mothers, are struggling to support the development of their children due to the time limitations caused by working multiple jobs, or the financial limitations caused by under-employment. Toronto City Mission is partnering with Ephraim’s Place and the Jane-Finch Church Coalition.

Programs offered at Jane - Finch:

Role Model Mom (GED Program)