Entrepreneurial Leader Organization (ELO) World Conference

A few weeks ago, I received an unexpected invitation to attend the Entrepreneurial Leader Organization (ELO) World Conference. ELO’s mandate is to equip, connect and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. I was blessed to have attended as one of Lorna Dueck’s guest, an ELO supporter and host of the conference’s Q&A period.

It was an engaging gathering of Christian entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world sharing their experiences of how God has called and equipped them. There were three overarching themes that I took away from the day:

1. Responding to God’s call

  • It may be unexpected. God’s way may not make sense in a worldly way.
  • It may be challenging. Not only for yourself, but those with whom you are in close relationship.

2. The absolute importance of Prayer

  • The impossible becomes possible. Prayer helps overcome the insurmountable adversities, adversaries, and the unknown.
  • Listening is a major part of prayer.

3. Stay humble and give God the glory

  • An entrepreneur might attribute success to their hard work; however, in God’s kingdom, all the glory is given to God.
  • You are part of God’s story; this is not your story.

As Executive Director of TCM, these three themes are a good reminder of what it means to be a servant leader in God’s kingdom. I am reminded that we are here to build the Kingdom, not our own empire. I look forward to continuing to connect and collaborate with local ministry leaders as we explore God’s will for TCM.  Please join me in prayer.