Pausing for What's Precious

As I am well into my second year serving in Kingston-Galloway, I've been taking on more responsibilities. I realize that many times, I'm so consumed by making sure I have this detail of the program taken care of, or being on top of things or ahead of schedule that I can easily miss the real meat and juiciness of our program time. What's that? Simply quality time. 

Sometimes, you just need to pause, look at things and appreciate them. Our Monday night family dinner was the perfect opportunity. I can think of a dozen other things that needed doing, such as cleaning the kitchen, putting away books or craft supplies; but something just coerced me to stop, sit down and enjoy dinner with the kids. 

If you ask me, I could bring up a hundred different ways I'd improve (complain about) the state of our programs; but with little moments like these I think we just have to be thankful for what we do have, because there's nothing quite like it.