TCM Tidbit #13

In 1901, one mother writes: “I want to thank you for the things received.  I never had such kindness shown me.  My children have had to be kept from Sunday School and from Day School through wanting clothes and boots and I never let a soul know it.  I am not ungrateful and have made use of everything you sent me.  I have mended them so they look like new.”

During that year, we received 4708 articles of clothing, and 54 other articles consisting of a sewing machine, a baby carriage, bedsteads, mattresses, quilts etc., making a total of 4762 articles.  Of these, 4065 were distributed amongst the needy.  In every instance, these gifts were followed up by our Missionaries and they have frequently found that this unexpected kindness opened the way for the reception of the Gospel and sometimes God’s suffering child regarded these gifts as God’s way in answering their prayers.