An Important Lesson from an Important Person

Some of our Grade 7 boys

Some of our Grade 7 boys

A few weeks ago, I was leading a small group with three boys in Junior Extreme. We read the story of the Samaritan Woman at the well and when one of the teens excitedly discovered that she had received eternal life, we began a fruitful discussion about what it means to have eternal life by trusting in Jesus. One of the teens in my group was Adrian. Adrian spoke some deep theological insights into this idea of trusting God. I asked Adrian to capture those thoughts and to tell us a bit about himself:

Q. What grade are you in Adrian?

A. Grade 7

Q. How did you start coming to TCM?

A. My friend Phillip brought me.

Q. What are your favourite things about Junior Extreme?

A. Basketball and learning about God

Q. In our Bible time, you told me something very important about God. Do you remember what it was?

A. There is a difference between knowing God and trusting God. Knowing God doesn’t necessarily mean you trust him.

Q. How did you learn to know God and trust Him?

A. [The leaders] at TCM help me trust and know God by telling me stories about Jesus.

Q. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

A. To be a car mechanic and a great basketball player.

Thanks Adrian for reminding us to not only know God but to trust Him!