Faith Journey Through Willowtree

By Eliot, Outreach Worker in Willowtree

During this time of lent and reflective season, I sat down and thought of my journey with TCM and the Willowtree community. Many of us have heard of the concept of “faith journey” in our Christian walk with Christ. The concept of journey is a beautiful one. A journey is comprised of different experiences ranging from challenges to joys, and trials to tribulations. They are there to test us, build us, mold us, and to create a close unified relationship with God. The gospels is God’s commitment of unconditional love and unity.

Over 10 years ago, I had no idea what my faith journey would look like. I didn’t have much faith in anything. I had no job, had no faith that my university program (film and French literature) would get me to where I wanted to be and almost dropped out of school. My identity was rooted in my “failures”. Through a good friend who was involved with the Toronto City Mission, I got my first taste of children’s ministry through Sonshine Day Camp. I had never desired to work with kids, but I had a blast with the Willowtree kids that summer. Little did I know that volunteering with the kids would spark the beginning of my journey with TCM. My faith was affirmed through my relationship with the children, the families, and the community. It was where God met me again, and I committed myself to serving Him in Willowtree. He has blessed me with supporters who pray for me and Willowtree, as well as support me financially. Along the way, I have worked with awesome staff members,  mentors, volunteers, and community members at Willowtree.

So why all this talk about myself? It was to remind me that God was with me there in the beginning, He is with me now and will be with me in the future. His commitment to me has empowered me to commit to others. My request to my family, friends and supporters is to pray that the kids at Willowtree will allow God in their life journey, that they would be able to experience His love in an intimate way to glorify Him and bless others.