Recap of the Global Leadership Summit

By Dorothy and Dave

On October 20-21, the Global Leadership Summit rebroadcasted their two day at event Willow Creek in Chicago, to 125 countries including Canada. This event provided attendees the opportunity to sharpen their skills and develop the people they lead. The summit included eight great sessions that focused on the theme that leaders matter and it’s important to get better. Here are the major take-aways: 

Passion. Leaders must be passionate to inspire others.  We can’t operate from a place of fear. Step out in faith and embrace risk!

Humility and Dependency. It is important to possess these two attitudes: agreeing with God about who you are; and agreeing with God about who He is.

Transparency. It is important that we share about what is not going well so that we can help each other and not be afraid to adjust our goals accordingly.

Legacy. What will people remember of you?  Is it God honouring?  When people hear your vision they should see how great your God is.

Value. We were created to connect with people, not correct them.  Seek out ways to intentionally add value to people every day. Trust is vitally important.

Dream big. If your dream can be accomplished by yourself, your dream is not big enough.  Dreams are meant to include others. Know your identity in Christ and keep coming back to God’s perfect plan!