A New Generation and the Fruit of the Spirit

By Felicia, Outreach Worker in Flemingdon Park

This fall has been a blast so far. Sadly, a few of our kids have moved out of the community, but in their place we now have quite a few new faces added to our programs, especially kids between grades one to three. While reflecting, I really believe that we now have an opportunity to sow into the lives of kids that we did not have the opportunity to reach before. With this comes the ability to teach them how to build character so that they can become all that God wants them to be.

So far we have been teaching the kids about the Fruit of the Spirit. In September, we taught them how to be Patient, in October, we taught them how to exercise Self- Control, and this month (November) the kids are learning about Kindness and how they can show this in their personal lives. It is interesting to see how kids respond to the gospel. Some really take the opportunities to journal and reflect on the lessons and virtues, and it really ends with them being grateful for their parents and simple luxuries like food and friends that care for them.

Our volunteers for our tutoring program have been great this year. Last year one of our kids' grade jumped from a 60% to an 80%. This year we are looking forward to seeing many more testimonies of God breaking through in this area. Last year we prayed for French tutors and this year we got three! Praise the Lord for His provision.

In this unusually warm season, the kids enjoy playing outside with the volunteers and staff. They are super excited for Christmas and they are all grateful to be a part of our TCM family.