Hopeful Waiting

By Dorothy, Manager of Partner Relations

There are people who love surprises and those not so much.  I fall in the latter group.  I prefer to be in the know.  After reflecting on that, I have realized that part of it is my need to be in control.  This can make waiting difficult at times because I feel that I need to be doing something.  Being a part of TCM has helped me practice hopeful waiting.  A large part of the ministry that we do here involves the unknown.  Sometimes we are low on the number of volunteers that we have to run programs effectively.  Sometimes we do not know if how we will do financially to keep the ministry running.  And sometimes we just don’t know how to discern a challenge that we are facing.  It is during these times I have been reminded that we are to wait upon God to provide.  To see who it is that He has invited to come and pray, volunteer, or give.  We cannot force our requests upon people.  We are simply to see where God is and follow in His footsteps.  He is the one that will open the door for places that He wants us to enter and close others that we are not meant to pursue (at least not at this time).  Our God has proven His faithfulness time and time again.  When we needed prayer warriors we found many who prayed diligently for His will to be done.  When we needed volunteers, He sent us those that were gifted in that area of service.  When we needed to pay our bills and provide for the basic needs of our staff, He sent us generous supporters who gave selflessly.

As we wait upon God, that is when His will is being done.