We Are All World Changers

By Felicia, Outreach Worker in Flemingdon Park

This month at our Sonshine March Break Camp, we spoke to the kids about God being a God of justice. He has a heart of compassion for those who are broken, He stands up for the oppressed and he is a defender of the widows. For our craft we created papier mache globes, and around it the kids wrote “I am a world changer”. In our lesson we asked the kids “how many of you believe that you can change the world?”. One of our kids blurted out “I can’t change the world! It’s impossible”. With encouragement we taught them that everyone has the power to change the world around them.

When we choose to stand up for those who are lesser fortunate than us, those who may not have the ability to stand up for themselves, when we encourage those who are hurting around us, and become grateful for what we do have, rather than complaining about what we don’t have, we begin to evoke change not only in our world, but in the world of others. Pray for us as we continue to disciple and walk with our next generation of world changers.