Putting Opposites Together

By: Emma Yim, Office Intern

Some photos that Emma has captured during Summer Intern training

Some photos that Emma has captured during Summer Intern training

Some of the most significant occurrences in my life have involved an interaction of opposites. I am both a younger and older sister; I live in Ontario and spend a good portion of the year in hot and humid Florida, away from my home in Toronto; and my major is Arts and Science. I know this summer will be no exception. 

Before I heard about the summer office intern position at TCM, I didn’t think an office job full of opportunities to grow in my faith existed. In other words, if you told me I would be working in a space where there are devotions/prayers in the mornings, a sense of community with fellow brothers/sisters-in-Christ, and moments to share about your faith, I would have thought you were speaking in complete opposites! But here I am, as TCM’s summer office intern, and through the seemingly opposite nature of this position, I see God as the unifying force He is. God has blessed me with the opportunity to work with TCM to learn how summer jobs (or even just jobs in general) can harmoniously fit hand-in-hand with growing in my faith. Each day as I come to work, it begins to feel less like "work" and more like a local mission field experience – which is what a job really does boil down to.

Furthermore, through TCM’s ministry itself, God is beginning to show me the importance of opposites interacting. From Christians and Muslim families, to young adults and children, to people from Africa or America or Asia, and the financially stable and struggling – all of these binaries melt away in the face of God and the result is a moving display of His unconditional, universal love, and awesome power to change the hearts of the unreached/lost. And this is why I am so thankful to have TCM on my list of “opposite interaction” experiences. Seeing the interactions of all sorts of polar opposites and God’s uniting love is a privilege, and I cannot wait to capture these precious moments to share with you all.

This is Emma’s first time interning at the office for TCM. She is looking forward to using this opportunity to grow in her faith as well as learning new practical, and transferable skills. She hopes to actively live out Colossians 3:23 during her time at TCM and beyond!