By: Felicia Fischhoff - Outreach Worker in Flemingdon Park

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This month the kids have been having a blast learning about Joseph and the various struggles he faced growing up, especially when he was faced with the hard decision to forgive his brothers for throwing him into a pit and then selling him.

To explain the story we used dramatic arts, where the kids were able to show us how much they learned from our bible lesson time! Their acting was awesome and they were able to interpret the story in their own way. One of the highlights was when one of the girls (acting as the merchant who was buying Joseph from his brothers) stroked his arm and said...."sooooo soft....i'll take him"! Another highlight was the oh so dramatic cry that one of the kids (playing Josephs father) bellowed out, that evoked a standing ovation amongst the kids, staff and volunteers!

Also, every week we have been doing a baking activity or special treat! In the last week of October, one of our Field Ed students lead the kids into an owl making activity (using a chocolate covered apple and decorating it with oreo's, smarties and sour peach rings). The following week one of the kids brought her birthday cake to share so we made nacho's and cheese, and then last week I made healthy whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins that the kids loved. This is in addition to our light meal program that we give the kids throughout the week.

Another highlight is our discipleship of our junior volunteers (grade 7 participants). This month was fun whereas we are able to discuss faith a little further with the kids in a laid back setting and also get the privilege to build deeper relationships with the kids outside of our normal program hours. Please pray for us that this time will reap good fruit in their lives.

Last week, we also had an awesome staff retreat where we were able to bond, strategize with each other and learn about our call as intercity missionaries and God's provision for us as we are faithful to do his work.

Finally, our site was asked to perform one to two songs at our upcoming event Ignite in April! So we have begun to introduce some new worship songs that the kids are both enjoying and learning! They are excited to have a chance to perform.


I can't believe my son is 10 months old. This week he started babbling his name over and over again! He is growing quickly, crawling around and getting into everything! Really greatful to have this blessing in our lives!


  • Please pray for our kids as some of them are struggling academically. Pray that their grades will improve as we continue to help them during EPIC and partner with their parents.
  • Please pray for Flemingdon Park as our community has seen attacks (physical and vandalism wise) against Muslims. Pray for God's peace over the community and for the individuals and families that have been affected,
  • Please pray for our staff and volunteers.
  • Also please let us know how we can pray for you!