The ‘Lost Ones’

By Eliot Kim – Outreach Worker, Willowtree

When people ask me what I do and I respond with “outreach worker” and describe my work, the usual answers are “oh that’s awesome” and “that must be really rewarding” and etc. I agree with most of their answers and the cycle of conversations goes on and on about how good things are. I can proudly say that during my time at Willowtree, I’ve seen many positive changes and growth in individuals and in the community. We’ve been blessed to have so many wonderful relations with our staff, volunteers and partnerships. Praise God!

On the flip side, it’s harder to communicate the big struggles within ministry or the “unsuccessful” stories – something which has been on my mind a lot lately. Despite the success of our programs and all the awesome kids and youths that are involved, a part of me is still broken when I think about the “lost” children (some who are adults now) whom I rarely see (or still see) or haven’t spoken to in years. I understand that everything can’t work out, but it still bothers me when I know “the lost ones” are still out there.

While I currently still think about these things, God has shown me (once again and forever) that He is always BIGGER than my worries, circumstances, issues and etc. More recently – to put a long story short, I was able to meet up and catch up with a few of the “lost ones”. This was not in my own doing, but HIS. I don’t think that my own effort or will is going to build my faith, rather it is when I surrender it all to Him that my faith has the opportunity to grow. Shout out to the Big Guy.