Spring Has Sprung

By: Chiara Tari Arnold - Outreach Worker in Flemingdon Park

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From the desk of Andrea Kwok, KIC and EPIC volunteer

Even though it was a Leap Year and we had one extra day last month, it feels like February flew by! March is well under way, and as usual, things are bustling at EPIC. March Break is quickly approaching, so many elementary teachers are piling on the homework to wrap up units in time for the break. Tuesday's homework help sessions have never been as important. Our tutors help students tackle everything from Math to French, English to Science. As the snow melts and the weather warms up, it sometimes becomes harder to concentrate. Luckily, experienced tutors like James, and certified teachers like Andrea really know how to motivate.

Speaking of great volunteers, EPIC has the privilege of welcoming Deborah and Benjamin. The couple came all the way from Germany to Toronto, and have already made good friends with our children. We've done our best to be good representatives of Canada.

Jesus was always one to welcome everyone into his circle, the sick, the old, the poor all had a place at his table. This lesson of inclusion is fundamental to our faith journey. So we welcome Deborah and Benjamin to EPIC, and we welcome Spring's warm weather and sunshine!