SpikeBack Against Poverty

By: Dorothy Wong, Manager of Partner Relations

Once a year, I put myself out there and "play" indoor beach volleyball. Why? For TCM's SpikeBack Against Poverty fundraiser. This year it will be held on February 19. It's fun because in the middle of winter, I can pretend I'm somewhere nice and tropical. I also get to pretend to be a pro athlete americand dive for the ball without injuring myself ... well at least not too much. More so, TCM has the opportunity to bring together friends, family, colleagues, and churches to have friendly competition with one another while learning and supporting the work that God is doing through TCM's Sonshine Day Camp for children impacted by poverty.

This year for SpikeBack Against Poverty, we wanted to give our TLCs another opportunity to give back, so we invited them to play and raise money for TCM's Sonshine Day Camp. It has been so great watching these teens grow up from being program participants and learning about God's Word to living out the Word by becoming role models for the younger children and leading worship.

If you would like to support these TLCs as they raise money to give the younger children, you can give at: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/toronto-city-mission/SpikeBack2016/team/rcy/