Spring 2015!

By Chara Benson, Outreach Worker / Teacher at Role Model Mom - Victoria Village

The Role Model Moms worked very hard this past winter and spring, getting nervously ready for April and then June exams. Slowly but surely results would come in and I started to receive text messages and calls from the different students. Some with excitement that they passed and others discouraged that they had failed. However, most were determined to come back to finish up the one or two subjects that they still need to pass. Most of them are naturally bent towards giving up and I am proud of each one of them trying their very best. Their perseverance shows me how much they have grown over the past few months.

This semester a total of 6 woman passed and about 5 of them are coming back to finish up in September! One of the best stories from this spring is that I had a pair of sisters in my class. When they did the April test one of them failed 2 out of 5 subjects, and the other failed 1 out of 5. I was worried for the June test, that one of them would have to come back in the fall for math. Also that it would be really discouraging for her if her sister passed and she didn't. Thankfully and by some miracle she passed the math and they both get to graduate together! Happy dance :)