Always Learning

By: Chiara Tari Arnold - Outreach Worker in Flemingdon Park

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The past few months have been a discernment process for myself as I journeyed to seek out God's calling for my life both personally and professionally. After much prayer I found myself starting a new ministry as an outreach worker in Flemingdon Park. Although I am confident that this is where God is calling me in this season I still have to remind myself to seek His guidance on a daily basis. How appropriate that the first lesson I would teach was about Samson and God's calling. The kids and I learned about the story of Samson and we had a chance to discuss our giftings, how we can honour or dishonor God with them, and how God equips us to follow through with His plans. We also studied how God is a God of second chances. We talked through the story of Samson and examined how God can redeem us and give us another chance. This really seemed to resignate with the kids. We shared how this related to our own lives and ended the week with an energetic and entertaining dramatization of the story. By sharing these stories of how God calls, and how God redeems, I reminded was reminded of the transformative work that has happened for me personally. It has been such a blessing to share this with the kids as I grow in relationship with them. God calls, God redeems, and God certainly has a plan for all of us.