Christmas Ornaments


By Wilson Wong – Placement Student, St. James Town

Hi everyone! For all who do not know who I am, my name is Wilson Wong and I’m a placement student at Seneca@York doing my term with TCM. I have the pleasure of sharing a little bit about what I have been doing with the KIC kids at St. James Town. For project, we made Christmas ornaments. It is really easy and simple, just follow the steps!


– 2 cups flour
– 1 cup salt
– 3/4 water
– Straw
– String
– Acrylic paint (works best)
– 1/2 cup cinnamon or glitter (optional) *to make the ornament smell better*
– Cookie cutters (optional)


1) Add the flour, salt and whatever else you want in to a large bowl. Mix very well.
2) Add water to the mix. Mix and knead until it becomes dough. If it is too sticky, add flour. If it is too dry, add water.
3) Separate the dough in portions enough to make ornaments.
4) Once the ornament shapes are made, use the straw and poke a hole for the string to go through.
5) You could choose to air dry or oven dry the ornaments:
– Air dry: Just place out in a room temperature area with ventilation. Every so often, flip ornament for even drying.
– Oven dry: Dry in oven on low heat to slow bake until desired look. Every so often, flip ornament for even drying.
6) Paint one side of ornament. Wait till dry to paint the other side.
7) When all is dry, tie a string through the poked hole.
8) You have your Christmas ornament!

You can let the kids be creative and make whatever shape they want or use cookie cutters to create the ornaments.