My First Two Weeks Back After Maternity Leave

By: Felicia Fischhoff - Outreach Worker in Flemingdon Park

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My first two weeks back at work have been a rollercoaster. In addition to being a new mom to an amazing 9 month old, I also have the opportunity to reconnect with our kids from last year as well as get to know some new ones. Also in these past two weeks my cooking skills have been put to the test, and i've won!! I am super excited to see kids enjoying their meals from our snack/meal program- which provides them with a hearty meal after-school. I have also had the opportunity to bake and make some delicious treats that the kids have devoured 😊.

From fun and highly competitive games of capture the flag and musical chairs to learning about Noah, Abram and Sarai, my first two weeks back have been fast paced, full of sticky faces, laughter, arts and crafts, dance offs, worship and mac and cheese.

What will the coming weeks have in store?

To Be Continued....