“Where is God?”

By Rebecca Steinecke (Summer Camp Director – Jane-Finch)

On a day that I was feeling somewhat discouraged about how much I was really teaching these kids about Jesus, God gave me an incredible opportunity to share about Him with a five-year-old boy at our day camp.

As we were walking, I mentioned something about God.

“Where is God?” Jacob asked in his adorable voice.

“God is here with us right now,” I responded. “You just can’t see him. But he’s here.”

The next day, he ran up to me and held my hand. As we were walking, he asked again with a shy smile on his face, “Where is God?” His tone indicated that he had remembered our previous day’s conversation.

“You know where He is, remember?”

His smile grew larger. “He’s here.”

“That’s right!” I continued to tell him about how God created him and how much God loves him. He responded with a “no, really?”, as if he was hardly believing his ears. I thought about how this little boy might grow up to face a lot of challenges in his life. I just prayed that he would remember this simple yet amazing fact that God is always with him, no matter what.

God taught me an incredible lesson that day, too. He reminded me that He is orchestrating each and every moment of our lives. I don’t have to worry about being an influence on the lives of these kids, but just keep my eyes on Him. He is more than capable of doing the rest, and being the light through me that I sometimes try so hard to be myself. I can trust Him with the lives of these kids that I love.