Big or Small - God works Wonders

Carmen  is one of our Outreach Worker’s in the Kingston-Galloway community.

Carmen is one of our Outreach Worker’s in the Kingston-Galloway community.

In the midst of busyness, chatter and chaos, the world makes living out our faith or seeing God in our daily lives difficult. Too often, I forget how God is present in my daily life because I am always expecting God to do something far bigger than I can imagine. Although we may not see it, the truth is God is working every day in both small or big ways.

A little boy in Kingston-Galloway reminded me of the importance of childlike faith. A childlike faith that just believes, is filled with curiosity, and is satisfied with the answer without questioning why.


I was sick one day and was absent in programs so Esther, my co-partner and the kids prayed that I will be healed. I came back to programs the next day and the little boy says to Esther: “God answered our prayer! God healed Carmen and she’s back at camp now!” We smiled when we heard this because God did heal me and give me the strength to be back.

This is a reminder to not forget the little things that God does. God will use people, big or small, to remind us of His power. When we pay attention, we can see how God is answering our prayers daily.  

This year will be our first time running Junior Extreme for grade 7 and 8 students. We were concerned and worried about who will come to our programs. But within only a few short few weeks, the attendance has been growing because the previous kids are inviting their school friends to come. They are doing this without hesitation of what their friends might think about them, or their thoughts about a church youth program is. For many of the youth that came, it was their first time in a church and their first time hearing about Jesus and meeting Christians.

Personally, I would struggle for weeks worrying and hesitating about how to ask my non-Christian friends to come to church. I would be worried about their rejection, or how their opinion of me might change.

The Junior Extreme kids simply share and invite their peers to come because they found something good and they are excited to share that with their friends because they care. This reminded me of how easy it is to just invite people to participate in God’s kingdom.

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I am so encouraged by the children to live life without hesitating and to be bold, excited and courageous when sharing my faith. Never question how the little kids can help you be reminded of how wonderful God is!