Fall Is Here

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We've started another autumn season! Our afterschool program (KIC), tutoring programs (EPIC), Youth programs (Junior Extreme and Youth Extreme), and teen leadership programs (TLCs) are all in full swing. We have 9 new children in our programs plus a handful more in our youth programs.

This past week, we had a chance to check in on our kids and teens to see where they are at with Jesus. We had 7 children profess faith for the first time!

Lastly, our Women's Bible study is still meeting. Instead of twice a month, we will now be meeting once a month. In place of the other meeting, the women will be organizing visitations to encourage those who are sick in their circle of friends. It's wonderful to see these women grow and be sent out for the LORD!

As we continue into the fall, please pray for the following:

1) For the children who came to faith, that Christ would build a strong foundation

2) For 3 of my teen boys who confessed that they were unsure about the gospel and where they stood with it - pray that they might come to know Christ this year

3) For our new and returning volunteers to be given strength, compassion, encouragement, and wisdom

4) For unity for our team at TCM

5) For our TLCs (teen leaders) to not lack anything in their discipleship, particularly as we add a component of "mission" in our time with them.