Praise Him... children too!

By: Michelle Lau - Outreach Worker in St. James Town

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Today at KIC our kids worshiped God through art and song. My colleague, Elita, had one boy read Psalm 148 aloud. The children listened as the Psalm listed all of the things in creation that praise God. The children giggled when they heard that even "sea monsters" praise God.

Elita explained that all of the things in creation worship God by BEING what God created them to be. A tree praises God by being a tree. The sun praises God by being the sun. Even children can praise God!

Then Elita invited the kids to come up and draw pictures of the things that God made. Some of them were so excited to draw, that they didn't wait for her to finish giving instructions. They rushed to the front! They drew reptiles, birds, fish and trees. They came up with so many things! When they were done, we sang "All Creatures of Our God and King". It was rough at the start (since it was a new song to most), but eventually everyone was singing along.

It's so great to see our kids engage in worship. It's great to see our kids worship God by being the kids he created them to be: creative, playful, and enthusiastic kids.

"Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from heaven, you that live in the heights above. Praise him, all his angels, all his heavenly armies. Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, shining stars. Praise him, highest heavens, and the waters above the sky. Let them all praise the name of the Lord! He commanded, and they were created; by his command they were fixed in their places for ever, and they cannot disobey. Praise the Lord from the earth, sea monsters and all ocean depths; lightning and hail, snow and clouds, strong winds that obey his command. Praise him, hills and mountains, fruit trees and forests; all animals, tame and wild, reptiles and birds. Praise him, kings and all peoples, princes and all other rulers; young women and young men, old people and children too. Let them all praise the name of the Lord! His name is greater than all others; his glory is above earth and heaven. He made his nation strong, so that all his people praise him - the people of Israel, so dear to him. Praise the Lord!" - Psalms 148:1-14GNB