Seeking God

By Jeff Barker (Willowtree Outreach Worker)

At our KIC program in Willowtree the children always have a lot of questions in the midst of the Bible lesson for the day. These questions often make it very difficult to tell the story fluently but, more importantly, provide an insight into what the children are thinking and what they want to know more about. Some of the questions that have been asked over the last couple weeks have been: how do we know when God is speaking to us? How can God always be with us? Why did Jesus get baptized? It is really exciting to hear these questions coming from the children but it is also very revealing that almost all of their questions are centred on God. Children do not seem to be so much concerned with what the Bible lessons mean for them but they are much more interested in learning more about Jesus character and his actions and how he changed the lives of people in the Bible.

As we learn more about God and welcome him to become a bigger part of our life we can come closer to having our own hopes aligned with God’s. The questions asked by the children at KIC serve as a reminder that, thankfully, we do not need to rely on our own abilities and actions to be saved. Instead we can be guided by God and experience the joy that comes from having a relationship with Him.