Cynthia's Story

My name is Cynthia, I have four kids and I’m a Role Model Moms graduate.

When I was attending Role Model Moms for my GED, it was very hard to balance being a student and a mom.  I had to sacrifice a lot… my time and my energy…they all went in to many hours of studying to make my dream come true.  I was so happy when I got my GED!

Before I came to this program, I didn’t have the confidence that I could still go back to school.  When I first wrote the GED, I failed the math section.  But thanks to my teacher, Emily, and her assistant, Laura, I got extra help.  Because of their encouragement, I was able to believe in myself and I was able to pass the second time!  Laura was a former RMM student and had been in my shoes before.  She always told me, “Cynthia. You can DO IT!”

After I graduated, I was very grateful when Emily gave me the opportunity to come back and work through an ‘Investing In Neighbourhood’ grant.  I worked as the daycare supervisor. It was my very first work experience. It was really awesome!  I was privileged to work with the daycare workers.  They were very understanding.  If I ever work again, I hope to work in that kind of environment.  It was so peaceful.

It also gave me a chance to meet other moms who were struggling with their studies, just as I had done the year before.  Working as a daycare supervisor has given me even more motivation to go to college.  I have applied for a Nursing Program for January 2015!

Thank you Toronto City Mission, for this great help you are offering moms.  May God continue to bless, strengthen and give you continued wisdom as you help less privileged moms like me.