Solid Foundation

By: Elita Fung - Outreach Worker in St. James Town

Our teens learning gospel implications: serving at potlucks.

Our teens learning gospel implications: serving at potlucks.

What I love about team-work is how God often speaks to us about the same things. It assures me that God is leading us as we work together in St. James Town. A few weeks ago, I was reading the parable of the builders. Those who hear Jesus' words and obey them are like people who build on a solid foundation. Those who hear Jesus' words but don't obey them are like people who build on sand. The whole structure will fall!

As we began to pray about our curriculum for our March Break retreat, my coworker Francis shared with me how he has been talking with some of our teens. In his conversations with them, they have revealed how they have grown to know the Bible through us and other means, but they don't know how this applies to their lives.

I firmly believe that for the younger grades, it is imperative that we teach them the narrative thrust of scripture: that though we are sinners and unworthy of God's love, He has shown us the greatest love by sending His Son to die and rise again. This is identity forming and worldview stuff!

But as the kids enter their teen years, we are learning how important it is to show the gospel implications for them in all areas of their lives in very concrete ways. What does the gospel mean for their relationships? For their time? For their money? This will be the focus of our March Break retreat this year, and God-willing, for the upcoming fall term as well. 

In light of this guidance from God, please pray for the following:

1) For our March Break retreat, that the teens would understand and be receptive to God's word. For us to preach the gospel with clarity and relevance.

2) For wisdom in creating a curriculum that applies to their lives for this fall and shapes their discipleship in a way that deepens their understanding of the gospel.