Charitable Institutions

The House of Industry, the House of Providence, the City Hospitals, the Convalescent Home, the Girls’ Home, the Girls’ Refuge, the Industrial Refuge for Women, the Haven, and the Asylum for the Insane are all charitable institutions where we visited and sometimes held services.  There were two that deserve special mention.

The House of Providence, a Roman Catholic institution, usually contained at least 150 Protestant patients who had no regular visitor except for one of our missionaries.  For more than a year, he made a weekly visit to a number of these and comforted many of God’s poor suffering ones and made known the Way of Life to them and although no service was held, personal conversation with the Protestant patients was permitted with good results.

The Industrial Refuge for Women was visited and during the winter months, one of our missionaries held a weekly evening service with good results, several having given evidence of a life renewed by the Grace of God.