Glory in the Mundane

By Elita, Outreach Worker in St. James Town


My fingers were flying. I typed so fast that my hand started hurting shortly after and I didn't even notice that this was how I typed until my husband pointed it out. 

This is how I operate most days: in a rush, trying to accomplish as much as possible, trying to maximize my time. Whether it's administrative work or programs, I always seem to be trying hard to get a long list of things done efficiently. At KIC (Kids In Community) for example , it is often necessary: one kid needs a band-aid, another just spilled his snack and needs help cleaning up, one child needs homework help, and another has to go to the bathroom urgently. Figuring out which need to attend to and which volunteers can help can make things feel hectic and busy. Programs can become a series of tasks on a checklist. 

However, I am constantly reminded of the importance of being present and that has forced me to step back and ask what God has in store for me each day and even each moment. It's forced to me to ask how many things on my list are actually what God wants me to do and how many things are my own desires and expectations. Recently I've had the joy of sitting down with just one kid at a time and spending time with them. One young boy for example, needs help with homework every day. It can feel like such a small thing to sit on the ground next to him and coach him to understand that "green" does not rhyme with "red", but it is, in that moment, what God is calling me to do and of great importance to Him. Another, quieter child, who wasn't really interacting with other children really appreciated someone sitting next to him and reading alongside with him. And that too is of great kingdom value. 

Of course, there are still days where it's hectic and there is much to do. Some times it is because that's what God has called me to do that day, but other times it is out of my own need to feel important or useful. But I am encouraged that it is often in the small mundane day-to-day things that God is actually doing His greatest work and what a privilege it is that we get to be part of it.