Grace and Basketball

By PJ, Outreach Worker in St. James Town

Basketball is a sport that I’m not really invested in, whether it’s keeping up with the NBA or playing. Although I’ll try my best when I’m playing, I have no passion for the sport. When I was given the opportunity to lead a basketball ministry for dads between the ages of 40-60, I wasn’t nervous about leading a sport ministry, but I was uncertain about how God could use me since I was much younger and less experienced than the men.

From the beginning, the dads welcomed me with open arms. Yet, I felt like a bit of an outcast because I didn’t have strong relationships with them, unlike the returning staff who were already familiar with the dads. As I kept playing and talking to them, I started to connect with them and I learned that they were very appreciative of the program because it allowed them to get their minds off work or home for a couple of hours.

This year, God was simply using me to get to know the men and I’m thankful for it. God was telling me to just be myself and to show grace towards the dads, so that they can see Jesus through me and the other staff.  Please pray that in the fall, more of the gospel can be implemented into the ministry and that I can be intentional about spreading the gospel.