What Happens After Role Model Moms GED Program?

By Shelby Hall, Outreach Worker / Teacher at Role Model Mom - Jane-Finch

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At Role Model Moms, we have all kinds of students. Women who are new to Canada and need Canadian equivalency in English, women who were unable to finish high school in Canada because of family and personal challenges, and women who never had a chance to even try be successful in high school. However, all of our students are moms. And all of our students are coming to our class to get their GED, so that they can earn a better living and be a role model for education for their children. This summer, I've been able to walk alongside some amazing moms who are leaving our class and moving on to newer and more challenging adventures.

Flo- She is starting her second year at Humber College for social work. She studied night and day and excelled at her placement and took advantage of all the extra IT and academic support that colleges will offer mature students! Kristie - She is starting her second year at Humber College for Culinary Management. She has been cooking for a big family all her life and she finally got to be in a professional kitchen and work with some amazing professors. Sylvia - She continued studying at Emery College and finished there with a plan this year to start an apprenticeship in plumbing. She fixes everything in her house right now... why not start a career in it? Nikeshia- She was an intellectual who loved to write while she was studying her GED, however, she wanted to be sure that her son got a good start off to kindergarten before going back to school. She is now starting her second year at York University. Ana- She was a student who worked hard to finish her GED early, completing assignments far ahead of when they were due. She has a passion for helping children who feel marginalized and forgotten. She is starting her second year at Humber College as a Child and Youth Worker.

These are only a few of the many stories of our graduates.   We are so excited to have them all back again as TCM celebrates the 2013-2015 Role Model Mom graduates in October at our RMM Graduation.

If you are interested in the program for yourself or a friend, please contact Shelby at 416.922.6223. We always welcome volunteers who can tutor our students or help in other ways. Let us know if you are interested!