A Good Shepherd

Written By: Maim Cho, Summer Intern

As soon as I heard about the internship opportunity at TCM from one of my good friends, I knew right away that I wanted to work at TCM during the summer. To be honest, since I was so sure that God was leading me to TCM, I did not think deeply about what I will be doing there until all the workshops finished and until I started planning bible study lessons for kids.

Fear and uncertainty started to creep in my mind as I was thinking about all the details of the tasks I was doing. I felt uncomfortable in all the things that I had to do, because I have never done them before. I started to lose confidence and was skeptical of my own abilities.

Through the turmoil, God simply led me back to a simple truth; to the cross and that He is my Shepherd. God calls me His own and continues to tell me that I am secure in Him. God is perfect in leading my future and never makes mistakes. He tells me that I am not alone and that He will never forsake me for my weaknesses. God wants to be with me always and face all challenges that I am put into, and to overcome them together.

The reason I believe God leads me to opportunities that really stretches me and challenges me is because He wants me to do EVERYTHING with Him and to know that I am helpless without Him. As i remind myself about God's plan for me, I'm excited to be able to apply this to my day to day activities. I look forward in spending time with the Lord and knowing that God is there always by my side/ 

My prayer now is that God would always lead me to uncertain and challenging situations where I would learn to surrender everything and hold on to the anchor of my soul, Jesus Christ. 

Maim is currently serving at St.James Town as a summer intern for his first time.