The Lord Will Provide

Written By: Michelle Wei, Intern

This summer’s work at Toronto City Mission is my first experience as for many things. It is my first time working in a camp, as a leader and serving in God’s ministry. I went in having absolutely no idea what to expect. Half of the camp is already over and I still have so much I don’t know how to do.

Then I started to question...How was I supposed to interact with the children? How do I teach them right from wrong? Will I be able to develop a relationship with the Lord through this? These are the questions I had desperately wanted answered. I try to figure out the routine slowly but it feels like I am pushing against a wall.

To put this in simpler terms, I am a noob.

I cannot do anything on my own. I think the lesson God wants me to learn is that I can, and should rely on Him. I hear this advice often but it hasn’t actually occurred to me until… I wrote this blog, really. I know for certain that God pushed me to do this internship. I am here because He told me to be, so of course He has a plan for me. Duh. All I need to do is follow Him.

Now that I look back on the weeks I have been at TCM, there has been so much personal growth. Like before, I couldn’t pray out loud in a group of people. And doing devotions in the morning at Kingston-Galloway is a miracle in itself! God is everywhere I go and I feel like He is leading me in a new path, giving me what I need to traverse it.

I pray that He will use me for what He has planned in this community. I pray that He will let me make an impact on the precious children at Kingston Galloway. Lastly, I pray that He will bless the children so that they can know Him as the Almighty God that He is!

Michelle is an intern at Kingston-Galloway this summer. She is horrible at anything requiring bodily coordination, aka sports. Also, Michelle is being labelled as weird by the children but it’s alright because she is weird and proud.