Sonshine Daycamp Willowtree: TLC Interview

Eliot Kim, our Outreach Worker in Willowtree, had the chance to ask TLC (Teens Leading Communities) Elijah about his experience helping out at Sonshine daycamp:

Q. What brought you to camp?

A. I was looking for more experience with children.

Q. How long have you been involved?

A. I’ve been involved for three summers.

Q. What has been the best part of Sonshine daycamp?

A. For me, the best part of camp was building relationships with the campers and discovering their view on the world as they grow.

Q. What have you learned about God?

A. One thing I’ve learned about God is that if you be patient He has your back. Every time I faced a problem and I felt like my job was really being put to the test, I didn’t panic and things always turned out well. I’ve seen God work a lot of times this summer because the campers see each other every day and sometimes they get annoyed of one an other and start to have disagreements and get really angry. But just like the Lord forgives us every day, the campers always forgave each other and continued to enjoy themselves during their camping experience. The other time I saw God work, was when they weren’t disagreeing. The bonds between the campers were so strong and they always listen to everyone’s opinion and worked together so it was as if they were one big family.