Sonshine Day Camp St. James Town: TLC Interview

By Elita Fung (Outreach Worker at St. James Town)

Jim is my comic book movie buddy. We always see superhero movies together. He is also a TLC (Teens Leading Communities). For the second summer in a row, he has helped out with our Sonshine daycamp. This year, our TLCs had the chance to help out at sites other than St. James Town and act as “Mission Teams” one week at a time. Here is what Jim had to say about this year’s experience.

Q. What grade are you in?

A. I recently finished grade 9 and am going into grade 10.

Q. When and how did you get involved with Toronto City Mission?

A. When I was first introduced to TCM, I was in gr. 3 and I just moved from Mississauga to St. James Town. My mom signed me up for the afterschool program and I’ve been going since then.

Q. Which sites did you get to help out at as a result of being on the mission team?

A. I was able to go this whole summer [to Sonshine]. Fortunately I was able to visit the Jane and Finch and one day at Willowtree.

Q. What are your reflections from this experience?

A. This is the first time I’ve ever done a mission trip to a different Sonshine day camp [site] and it was really fun. I remember the first day, the kids and leaders came with open arms, they were so friendly and welcoming. It was a blast spending a whole week with these kids. I know they have so much potential and so much to offer. I only wish I could see them as they grow old. This experience really made me realize that I, personally needed to reach out to God. It’s really a blessing doing this, doing mission trips and just telling others about God. Personally, when I was a kid, I looked up to my leaders I really listen to what they have to say about God. Its really nice how I am able to actually do the same thing but to a group of kids I am only with for a week. Jane and Finch kids and leaders were great. I hope they just keep growing into their faith, and I hope I’ll be there next year again just to see how they’ve grown.

Q. Our staff Francis got you guys to share Bible nuggets this year. Every TLC on the mission team shares a verse and what it means to them. I heard you really enjoyed this Bible exercise.

A. I thought we should continue doing Bible nuggets. It expands our own personal knowledge of the Bible. For me, personally, I lose sight of reality. I feel as if I am having a talk with God, one on one. The Bible has really shown me God and I hope I continue on this path towards Him. I just want to thank the leaders for giving me the support I need.

Q. How can we pray for you?

A. I guess you can pray for support as I continue the path to God. I’ve been doing a lot of self searching and I’ve been getting a lot of support from the leaders.