God works in mysterious ways!


This may be one of the most commonly known phrases whether or not people believe it as truth. I find it to be one of the most mind-boggling and exciting truths to believe in and live for in life. Knowing how God not only listens to each of my prayers and answers them in His own ways, but that He is so resourceful in those ways where even my own weaknesses can work toward bearing fruit in my life and for those around me; that I could never even fathom the possible and impossible ways He could answer my prayers but trusting that He will, I am amazed and in so much awe when He allows and helps me to see glimpses of Himself and how He works.


As a first-time Summer Intern for TCM, I was eager to see how God was working in the city I live in and excited to be included in that. My three weeks of training and prepping prior to the actual camp carried its own struggles I faced and worked through which had continuously led me back to my prayer of rejoicing in the Lord always. When camp had actually begun, an entire set of new struggles and obstacles were planted before myself and the team from the first day, cancelling the entire first week of camp, delaying our plans and inconveniencing the families who relied on sending their children to our camp as they went to work every day. There became a sense of fear, nervousness, and hurt within the team as well as the children and the neighbourhood. There also became a stronger and deeper desire for God’s healing to reach the hearts of everyone affected by the first day, providing peace in the situation, assurance that He is present, and for the team, a greater determination – totally God-given – to serve and love the community of Flemingdon Park. It really did feel as though God was drawing us all nearer to Him.