Third Week of Camp

We had plenty of ups and downs this week with our kids, but I'm so thankful for our mission team, East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church. They were so hard-working, mature, and patient despite the chaos and difficulties.

Even though yesterday was a disaster filled with many lows (it was hard to think of high's for everyone), today was amazing and grace-filled. After feeling very discouraged and negative, I just decided to re-surrender everything to God during my morning subway ride to camp. I wasn't certain of what to expect, but just prayed that God's will be done.

Starting from our worship time, photo scavenger hunt, mission team time, all the way to movie time, it was smooth-sailing and the kids were very cooperative and peaceful. COMPLETE opposite of the day before.

Our 5 year old camper stated in the morning, "I'm going to be a good kid today!"

God definitely moved his heart...along with all the other campers.

I'm so thankful that the last day of camp for the mission team was a memorable day filled with joy and peace.