One Word: Relationships

By Rebecca, Outreach Worker in St. James Town

As I am finishing up my time with TCM, I must say that one word
stands out to me about my past five years of involvement in different roles
and at different locations around the city: relationships. In theory
and in practice, TCM is centered on building long-term relationships with
children, youth, and families in order to share the love of Jesus with them.

During this year's March Break camp, I got the privilege of witnessing the
deep fruit that comes out of a ministry based on relationships. The kids
became detectives for the week, investigating the evidence behind
Jesus’ resurrection. On the last day, the three of us Outreach Workers
shared our testimonies with the kids to show how this evidence is meant to
completely change our lives, and not just be crazy facts that we

It was an intimidating experience for me to share vulnerably with
these kids, and also to communicate it at age-appropriate levels. Yet I am so
glad that we had this opportunity because I noticed that they were caught
off guard and were touched that we had shared such personal stories with them. I
realized that the strong relationships we had with them made our sharing SO
much more impactful than if we had been strangers. They were genuinely
interested and amazed at how God had impacted all of our lives, and have
even continued to reference back to our stories months later.

I know that the possibilities are endless with what God will do in the
lives of these kids, and I am grateful for the chance that I have had to be a
part of God’s work in their lives!