We Are Invited

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Today, we read the parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14. In a similar story in Matthew, we are told that the King/Master asked his servants to go out and invite anyone and everyone, good or bad. This parable is such a reminder of God's grace. The invitation is for everyone. The difference isn't between the good or the bad, but between those who accept the invitation and those who don't.

In our Junior Extreme Daycamp, we had our own little party. Our teens decorated, helped make food, and made invitations. It was a reminder how much preparation and sacrifice God has given for this inevitable Kingdom party to happen.

Keep praying for us - we are more than half-way through our camp. Please pray for strength and stamina. Pray more importantly for God to do big things this summer - for our families in St. James Town to accept the invitation, for kids and teens to hear the gospel and build a strong foundation.