Learning to Celebrate

I confess: I am not good at celebrating. An introvert and pessimist, I spend more time scowling over all that is not right more than I spend time rejoicing over the blessings I have.

So when I was approached by a generous supporter of TCM about celebrating our older TLCs (Teens Leading Communities) who have worked so hard these many years, it was not only a great reminder of the God we serve and how we should live in His presence. Certainly He is a God who suffers with us. But He is also a God of celebration. I mean, who else would COMMAND Sabbaths and holidays?

So, in late December, after all our programs were done, twelve of us had the privilege to celebrate under the generous gift of our supporter. We spent the morning at the new Ripley’s Aquarium and stood in awe of the strange and beautiful underwater creations of God. Then in the afternoon, we went to Boston Pizza for lunch. That’s when it really hit us.

“Wow! This supporter doesn’t even know us – why would this person give us such a gift?” asked one of my teens.

It was a great opportunity to explain how the love of Christ makes us generous and makes us celebrate.