Joeseph: TLC Extraordinaire

Every summer, we have a worship session in the mornings with our kids. We ask our teen leaders to help out, and more often than not, they are reluctant to help. This summer, I was pleasantly surprised when one of our teens took initiative and asked if he could lead worship! I had a chance to catch up with Joeseph, one of our Teens Leading Communities (TLCs) to ask him a few questions regarding his summer, especially pertaining to worship.

Q. How long have you been in our programs?

A. I've been going to these programs since I was grade 4.

Q. What made you want to become a TLC?

A. Seeing all these older kids hanging out and playing with us kids always inspired me. So when I was given the opportunity to become a TLC, I took it.

Q. Growing up, how did you feel about worship time at camp?

A. When I was younger, I loved to sing. I grew up and eventually stopped. But as a younger kid, I loved the sitting down songs. It always felt like a really relaxed time to just sing and worship God. So to answer the question, I enjoyed worship growing up.

Q. How do you feel about worship at camp now, as a teen?

A. I love doing worship. It's just a really fun time to connect with God but also with the kids. I remember that when I first came to programs as a TLC, I thought everyone would think worship was boring. But, seeing the kids smile and laugh to my mediocre dancing skills always makes me smile.

Q. What's involved in leading worship at camp and how often do you lead?

A. So, for me you have to have fun while doing worship. If you don't enjoy it, why would others enjoy it? Like leading worship every day showed me that it's a time for us to praise God. Acting bored/not interested in the songs shows the kids that they could do the same and not care.

Q. What hopes do you have for your future and why?

A. Well in a job sense, I want to be a forensic scientist when I'm older. It may seem like a weird job to do but I feel like I could help a lot of people through that. But other than that I don't really know what I want for my future. But I guess I want to be successful and happy.

Thanks Joeseph for sharing and for all your hard work this summer!