Camp memories in Flemo

Here are a bunch of cute or funny quotes/stories that our kids have said or done. Enjoy! Also, the number represents the camper's age.

Walking back to camp after swimming and we pass by the police* Camper (5): Gasps and ducks his head Shhh it's the police!!! Anthea (intern): What?!! Why are you hiding?! What did you steal? Did you steal a girl's heart?

At the pool* Camper (6): Do you have a boyfriend?! Anthea: No! Tim (mission team member): She has boy friends. Boys who are friends. Camper: Boys who are friends ARE boyfriends!!!!!

After playing prey/predator game* Camper (5): I have so many lices!!!points to stickers (lives) Me: What?! Camper: facepalm Oops I mean lives!!! giggles

Walking a camper to the water fountain* Me: Hey, pull your tanktop strap up, that's inappropriate. Pulls it up Camper (5): Um, this is the FASHION pulls one strap down

Anthea: We are God's children and we are invited to His Kingdom in Heaven. Kids: So we can be together with him! Camper (5): So that I can see Jesus and ask Him what His favorite Pokemon is!

Victoria (intern): What's my name? Camper (5): Victoria! Victoria: No, it's your highness.

In small group bible* Anthea: Guys, what's the word that means putting others first? Camper (5): I don't know...COMPASSION or something....?

In small group bible* Me: Jason*! I mean shadowman!

Camper (5): NO! I'm gangsterman.

Helping that same camper color his handout sheet* (Me talking to Anthea and getting distracted while slowly coloring) Camper (5): CONCENTRATE YOURSELF!!!

An older camper wanting to play with Victoria's phone in the school bus* Camper (11): Can I play with your phone on the highway? Quote for quote. (Victoria told him before that he can use it whenever we go on highways. He meant to say "word for word").

Camper after a very minor injury* Camper (5): Can I get an icepack? Victoria: You don't really need to because there's no bruise/mark. Camper (5): You're over there and I'm over here. Your body is your body. My body is my body. You can't feel what I feel.

Free time* Nadia: Who's your favourite princess?" Camper (5): Cinderella Nadia: Why? Camper (5): Because she's humble!

Miss my kids so much. Excited to see them in our after school program.