Sparking Curiousity and Faith in the Next Generation

Esther is an Outreach Worker in the Kingston-Galloway community.

Esther is an Outreach Worker in the Kingston-Galloway community.

“Jesus is God, right? So if Jesus is in control, why can’t he make all the prices of the stuff cheaper?” The boy who asked this question came from a family who struggled financially. He continued, “Jesus needs to know that we need to be able to buy food and a house. Some people make like, a dollar an hour or something, so like how are they suppose to be able to live? Doesn’t he know they’re gonna die if they can’t buy things."

These are the types of questions and thoughts we hear at our Junior Extreme program. Every two weeks, we invite boys and girls from the community grades 7-8 for a dinner, time of games and activity, and Bible-based devotions.


The devotions only last 10 minutes but it’s always accompanied with the usual groaning and complaining from the kids. Yet, the discussions that follow become so rich and intriguing! On days where I feel drained and rushed to go home, I am encouraged and eager to stay longer to hear the awe, wonder and even the doubts these children have towards their Heavenly Father. I wanted to share some of these moments with you!

Last week, we read Matthew 8:1-4 on how Jesus heals a man with leprosy. I used this passage to share the gospel of Jesus–how He has paid once and for all for our sins. As a result, when we repent (or, turn away) from sin and acknowledge Christ as Saviour, we receive this great hope by faith that we will be with God forever–even after this life!

With a confused look on his face, one of the boys from a different faith background asked, “So, will what you believe in happen? Like if you believe you will go to Heaven, then you go to Heaven, but like if you believe in something else, then what will happen to you?” I could see him thinking deeply about the implications of faith and believing in Christ. Another boy wanted to be clear on what we meant by the afterlife. He shared that he thought all humans are simply reborn into this earth as something else.

I understand these aren't the picture perfect moments of children fully grasping who Jesus is, but their questions are evidence of precious seeds being planted. They are curious and want to know more, so they ask the wildest questions to gain clarity!


I thank God for the work of His Spirit in them as they continue to ask questions and seek the truth. Please pray that their desire for the truth in Jesus would grow and that other Christians would come into their lives and water these seeds in their heart. Also pray that the leaders and volunteers would have the wisdom to respond in love and truth and model a life that reflects trust, hope, and faith in Jesus Christ.