Thank You!

By the kids at Kids In Community in St. James Town

Our kids wanted to thank all the volunteers, helpers, leaders, tutors who have hung out with us this year. Here is a sampling of what they wanted to say:

Ralph wanted to thank Ira, our TLC (Teens Leading Community):

Thanks for being a great leader. You’re fun to play with and you’re funny.

Jeremy wanted to thank his tutor Rob:

Thank you for being the best tutor ever. I hope you have great fun with me every Monday.

Joseph wanted to thank the TLCs who help us out:

Thanks for helping us and for being awesome!

Monique wanted to thank Dylan, our TLC (and her brother!):

Thank you for being a supportive leader and for being there if we need you. You’re the best brother I could ask for. Stay cool.

Rylan wanted to thank Nick, our TLC:

Dear Nick, you are the best Nick and you are cool and good at basketball. You are my best friend. I like your shoes and your hair. Nick thank you for helping me on my spelling book.

Angelo wanted to thank Jenn, his tutor:

Dear Jenn, thank you for teaching me math and have a great time in Los Angeles.

JP wanted to thank our placement student Francis and our TLC (and JP’s brother) Jonell:

Thank you Francis! And thank you kuya Jonell.

Razzel says:

Thanks Sarah and Dorothy for teaching me everything (e.g. Bible). Thanks Jordan and Bobby for being and my best buds. Thanks PJ and Francis, you guys are funny! (You always make me laugh and smile). Thanks Zinnia, you always play with me (e.g. volleyball).

Margie wanted to thank her tutor Vanessa:

Dear Vanessa, you are a good tutor and teacher. Hope I see you are in a good mood.