Sonshine Daycamp Steeles-L’Amoreaux: Camper Interview

Our summer intern and camp director, Stephanie Liew, chatted with camper Selena (10 years old on the right ) about Sonshine Daycamp:

Q. How did you hear about camp?

A. Last, last, year I came to camp and it was very fun and next year I went to another camp and it was not really fun…it was awful, so I came this year again.

Q. What was the best part of Sonshine Day Camp for you?

A. The best part of Sonshine Day Camp is making friends and having the best experience of playing and learning about God, and improving on lots of things, like… drawing, and making stuff, and the staff are very good too, especially when I do something wrong, they… they, forgive me, and I felt very happy about that.

Q. What did you learn about God this summer?

A. Jesus is our Saviour, and He died on the cross for us, we also learned about the bible, and many people don’t believe in Jesus, but afterwards they look at the bible and believe in Him. God is a big thing and He can help us when we have trouble – that is something I learned.

Q. Last thoughts?

A. This camp is very fun, and the staff are really nice too, they gave us a lot of things to take home, and they don’t even care about money, and gave us a lot of things [that we didn’t have to pay for]. They help us improve and forgive us even when we do something wrong, like if I broke Wasabi’s (Wilson – our intern’s) arm, he forgives me, and there are a lot of games to play. I really like this camp…and I really like this camp.