Cold Debrief

As grade 8s, Joeseph, Jonell, CJ, Kimberly, Alyson, and Razzel had the opportunity to join us for the first time at our March Break Retreat. It’s been a month and here are their reflections:

What made you decide to come to retreat?
Kim: I decided to go to retreat because it sounded fun and exciting. 
Joeseph: It sounded like fun.
Razzel: I just decide(d) to come to retreat because I want to try/know what they do! And I heard it’s fun.

Was there anything you tried for the first time at retreat?
Jonell: Scalloped potatoes
Razzel: Build a snowman!
Alyson: Accept that I am a sinner.

What did you enjoy about retreat?
CJ: Everything.
Joeseph: Air hockey.
Kim: I enjoyed playing air hockey, building (a) snowman and the food and learning about God.

What did you learn about God at the retreat?
Joeseph: God works in mysterious ways.
Alyson: That you don’t have to do good things to get to heaven. You just have to accept that you are a sinner.
Razzel: I learned that you don’t have to do good things for Him to love you; you just have to believe!
Kim: I learned that God loves you no matter what and that He is always there for us!