TCM Tidbit #27

Camp Bronte is up for sale!

Bronte Rd and Lakeshore Rd, March 1975

Bronte Rd and Lakeshore Rd, May 2015

On May 25, 1978, after 71 years of camp operations, Toronto City Mission listed Camp Bronte up for sale. The camp sat on 2.59 acres on the NE corner of Lakeshore Road and Bronte Road. With urban development happening quickly around the camp, this once quiet escape from the summer heat was now feeling the pressure to sell and move further out of the city. Camp Bronte was finally sold December 10, 1979. Today, the land is home to the Bronte Village Mall in a busy intersection in the Southeast section of Oakville.

In an excerpt from a document it says:

Toronto City Mission is not looking at the sale of the subject property with a profit motive, inasmuch as all the money that will be realized on the sale, will be in turn reinvested in the new camp site, which will be extremely costly because of the present cost of buildings etc.  

THEN (1907)

NOW (2015)

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