Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey Crafts

By Naomi Van De Visch (Communications Coordinator)

The kids and I are celebrating Thanksgiving with Turkey Crafts.

Rebekah created the classic hand print turkey.  Soooo easy and so cute!  All you need is a pencil or pen to trace the child’s hand and markers to colour the fingers different colours.

Jedidiah found a great turkey craft on this blog: http://craftideasforall.blogspot.ca/2009/11/celebrate-thanksgiving-with-turkey.html

Supplies required:
– Origami Sheets – Orange, Yellow, Brown and Dark Pink
– Foam sheets- Brown, Red, Yellow and Maroon
– Glue
– Scissors
– Scotch tape
– Googly  eyes


1. Make accordion folds of all the Origami sheets.  Now cut the orange sheet in the center (we need just one part of the cut orange sheet accordion).

2. Fold the sheets in half as seen in the picture below.

3. Arrange the sheets as shown in the picture below and stick it together with glue or scotch tape. Now the feathers for the Turkey craft are ready.

4. Now take the brown foam sheet and cut out the body of the turkey.  Create the other body parts with the foam sheets and glue them onto the body. Finally, glue on googly eyes.

Now enjoy!  Happy Thanksgiving!